Take a walk in Kessel-Lo with Vorm 3010

Last weekend, they already popped up on the streets of Kessel-Lo: brightly coloured signs announcing two guided walks.

Vorm 3010 wants to inspire the people of Kessel-Lo to take one of these walks and, at the same time, reflect on the future of their town.

Nine statements on nine boards should help the people of Kessel-Lo to discover what they truly find important in the public space. Moreover, the walks also teach you something about the different neighbourhoods you will be walking in.

Both walks start at Hal 5. Along the way, you can be guided online or follow the instructions on the paper version of the survey, which can be found in the book box at Hal 5. For the real detectives here, there's the Kessel-Lo Bingo.

The walks are open to everyone of all ages, on foot or on wheels, until the 7th of March 2021.

Interested in talking a walk? Start the walk survey here!