Programme stages

'Shape 3010' is a two-year participation programme in several stages. Discover what the next two years will look like.

Stage 1: question

How do you view public space?

From the 8th of February until the 8th of March, all the citizens of Kessel-Lo will be contacted through an online survey. In this survey, we invite them to give their opinion and view on nine propositions and we'll ask everyone to shape their ideal Kessel-Lo with our simulator. Do you think that public space is needed for transportation or green spaces and encounters? And how do you mix these elements to shape your ideal Kessel-Lo? The simulator will help and present you with the final image of your fictional neighbourhood in Kessel-Lo.

Afterwards, a citizens' panel of 25 people, each chosen by lot, examines the results of the survey. The citizens' panel will formulate a clear summary of what the people of Kessel-Lo really think is important.

Stage 2: generate ideas

How do we shape the Kessel-Lo of tomorrow?

Within the framework of the summary made by the citizens' panel, the entire population of Kessel-Lo will be asked to participate in a survey again in April 2021. On the one hand, we'll then ask them to share ideas and inspiration about their ideal public space, on the other hand, we are also looking for difficulties and opportunities that are already existing in Kessel-Lo.

Based on that additional input from the people living in Kessel-Lo and together with experts, the citizens' panel formulates specific goals for the new shape of the village. At that point, the research agency responsible for drawing up a (partial) mobility plan for Kessel-Lo, will also take part in the discussions.

Stage 3: experiment

Let's get to work together!

In the Summer of 2021, every street or neighbourhood can submit a request for temporary (trial) set-ups in the public space. The possibilities include for example speed-reducing measures, sacrificing a few parking spaces for more green in the street, and so on. In Autumn, feedback will follow: which ideas are realistic and how will we execute them? From 2022 onwards, we'll test the new shape of Kessel-Lo. This will allow us to experience first hand what works well and what doesn't. Afterwards, these experiments will be evaluated and can possibly be extended or structurally implemented. 

In the meantime, the research agency continues to work on a mobility plan for the whole of Kessel-Lo. And in autumn, feedback moments will be organised to gather input from the people of Kessel-Lo.

Stage 4: plan

A plan for the public space of Kessel-Lo.

The mobility plan for Kessel-Lo will be presented in March 2022. The experiments done in step 3, will be set up within the framework of this plan. They form a preview of the structural implementation of the plan, as it cannot be rolled out immediately.

Finally, a thorough evaluation of these experiments will lead to recommendations concerning mobility, social space and climate ambitions for the city council. This way, decisions can be made to see if these experiments can become a permanent part of Kessel-Lo in the future.