Why this participation programme?

Kessel-Lo is constantly changing. The population is growing, schools and houses are being built, traffic density is increasing and summers are becoming hotter and drier. With this in the back of our minds, how can we ensure that the public space evolves, so that Kessel-Lo remains a pleasant, enjoyable and healthy place to live? 

One thing is certain: if we want to shape Kessel-Lo's public space, we have to do it together with all its citizens. Because who knows better how to make 'their' streets, squares and parks more attractive, than the people of Kessel-Lo themselves?

That is why the City of Leuven and Leuven 2030 started the two-year participation programme 'Shape 3010'. This programme goes one step further than 'Make Leuven Work', the online platform where residents can submit ideas for the city. Via Vorm 3010, the citizens of Kessel-Lo are intensively making plans together and actually testing these plans in the public space. Moreover, all of this forms the input for the new and more ambitious mobility plan for Kessel-Lo.

With this approach, the city and Leuven 2030 aim to 'shape the city' together with its inhabitants. And this with the goal to make room in the best possible way for sustainable mobility, more biodiversity and an attractive public space in general.